Wavah Books Limited was incorporated in 2000.  In May 2003 it began its major contributions in the Publishing Sector with the development of Text books for Primary, Secondary, Universities, tertiary institutions and the general public.   The company aims at reaching its fullest level of actualization in Publishing.  On the other hand however Wavah Books Limited is the only local publishing Company that does not restrict the author on what materials they should present for publication. This means that at Wavah Books Limited there is flexibility.

The company, started with a manpower of only two staff members in April 2000 and today this  has gone up to a more comfortable size.  This means more exchange of ideas and therefore production of valuable work.


Mission statement
Wavah Books Limited's mission is to provide a platform for individuals with a concern directed towards improving their standard of living through Book Development.  In harmonizing this, Wavah Books Limited places emphasis on various disciplines through maximum utilization of skilled personnel and the Information & Communications Technology Industry. 

Our vision
Wavah Books limited advocates and gives priority to the production of quality and educative publications at various levels. These include; Biographies, Autobiographies, Primary, Secondary, Institutional and University publications.  This is because our Clients’ needs are linked to Books as they struggle to maintain a pure and a fair standards environment. It is part of our mission to produce the best educative and rather inspiring texts/works for our Students, Intellectuals and other Individuals in their capacities.